Providing the every day auto enthusiast with an easy way to keep their vehicle tires protected and shiny.







AQUASHIELD Tire Shield- Tire Treatment

AquaShield’s Tire Shield treatment has been developed to provide the every day auto enthusiast with an easy to use tire blackening and shinning formula the latest technology. This state of the art formulation comes at an affordable price.

Tire Treatment

AquaShield Tire Treatment contains special softening oils, no black tint, does not rapidly evaporate and is not absorbed superficially by the substrate, thus leaving on it a protective and durable surface film that does not change its properties. It does not affect or destroy the rubber because it doesn’t contain a silicone but a synergy of a proprietary blend of compounds. Use with sponge, brush or spray.

  • Wash and Clean tires
  • Allow tires to dry completely
  • Apply using sponge, brush or spray
  • Spread evenly along the entire tire
  • Allow to dry, may dry in sun
  • Will not harm the tire surface
  • For extra shine apply a second coat


    • Long Lasting 3-6 months depending on environment
    • No Silicone
    • Keeps Tires looking new
    • Hydrophobic effect.
    • 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating.
    • Large coverage area
    • Apply at normal temperature.
    • Can dry in the Sun