AquaShield, the perfect choice

Pakems is a startup company out of Colorado manufacturing a lightweight packable boot.  We sell this boot as water-resistant as it is important to our customers that they can wear Pakems in the snow.  We negotiated with the factory that all of our boots would have a DWR coating on them and paid for this to be done.  Unfortunately the shipment showed up without the coating and without recourse against the factory.  I searched the Internet for DWR coating solutions and found AquaShield.  I tried several solutions, and AquaShield was by far the best.  And in doing a cost analysis, AquaShield was the perfect choice.  The other great thing about AquaShield is that it doesn’t have an odor which is a benefit considering we have been DWR coating the boots ourselves.  And lastly, the customer service I have received has been phenomenal!


Julie Adams
Founder/Cruise Director

Step Into Your Intentions®

Julie Adams

AquaShield protects leather Tiffany bracelet

I wanted to write you a testimonial on your product AquaShield for leather products. I bought a leather bracelet from Tiffany’s and was told that I had to take it off my arm everyday before I took a shower or got it wet. This is something I did not want to do so I looked around on the internet and found your product. After buying your product I spayed it on my leather bracelet and let it dry I than applied a second coat and started wearing it 24/7. It has been over 1 year since applying your product to my leather bracelet and I must say it still looks brand new. I have recommended your product to several people who work at Tiffany’s and they where really impressed with what I told them in fact one of them bought your product for a gift they where going to give their husband. The reason that person bought your product was because they used it on the exact same bracelet as I have. I totally believe in your product and thank you very much for allowing me to wear my bracelet everyday without it being a pain in my ass by having to take it off my arm and putting back on everyday.


Jay Fisher

AquaShield protects all including stinky hockey pads

Hello Ann,
I would be happy to discuss the product you put on the wood and the counter top at the house
Our wood flower planter on our deck had the water bead off and looks like the day we bought it.  The spray you applied kept the water from penetrating the wood and it beads off and sun evaporated the remainder it was never wet and we put it away for the winter and the planter looks brand new.
You also applied product on our granite and again no penetration of stain since the granite is white.  Water just beads on the stone and the granite is beautiful.
Last is my goalie equipment –  You sprayed my pads and chest protector and returned them to me and they don’t smell and the pads stay dry.  I was skeptical at first when you first applied the product but it works and I have not had to send the equipment out for cleaning like I used to twice a year.
David W. Geoffrey

My Hockey Equipment allowed back in the house!

My skates – prior to you spraying my skates with odor guard my skates had to stay in the garage, they had such a smell the skates could not come into the house.  They absolutely reeked.  I tried Fabreeze, baking soda, a multitude of products that say odor eliminator nothing worked and even baking them in the hot sun did not work.  I wear bare feet in the skates which also is an issue with the sweat from the feet.  However you offered to spray my skates with a new product.
You sprayed my skates twice no smell.  They were sprayed last in June 2017 and I play once a week and they still do not smell.  They are now in the basement with the rest of my stuff and are not cold when I get to the rink.
The product is amazing let me know when you have some for me to purchase.
Paul Cambell

My wife wondered if I was playing hockey at all!

I first used the product in early 2016 when I got the new pads.  Steven told me about the product when we played on Monday Hockey.
After the game I dropped the pads at his house and picked them up on Wednesday.  The product made the pads slide easier.  It was a little harder on the first and second time but after that you slide on the ice easily using less force and the protection to the pads are amazing the pads are over a year old and look new – I have applied the product four times since I have had the pads and know when they need it because you don’t slide as easily on the ice.
I don’t know what I would do without the spray the equipment it doesn’t smell it is not wet.  The odor guard that was sprayed on the new gloves and the leather and textile spray stay dry and don’t smell.  My wife wondered if I was playing hockey at all.  Ha we know that is not true with all the calls and games you get me.
Travis Campbell

No More Smell

As per my text, I had you spray my new helmet with the glass product. I used it and the water beads off the visor and I don’t need to wipe it to see when I come off the bench it is great.

I used the leather and textile on my chest protector and elbow pads and shin guard and my gloves. My equipment is dry and there is no smell. I would recommend the products. My wife commented on the first game I didn’t smell like the garbage. I will be the first to buy the product at the store when available.

Alex Peterson


At Novus Glass we have had the opportunity to use the AquaShield products on both customers vehicle’s and our own, and no other product compares. The quality is exactly as stated. Both the paint and glass coatings perform excellently. We can honestly say their is no need to wax your vehicle again. And who needs wipers with the windshield protection. Super product!!

Justin McPherson

Works Great on Windshield

This is an awesome product. I put it on my car windows 3 years ago and water still beads and rolls off. I rarely have to even use my windshield wipers in moderately heavy rain going speeds above 50 mph, road spray is a different matter. I’d really like to buy some more to coat my wife’s new-to-her car.

Michel Abbott