I first used the product in early 2016 when I got the new pads.  Steven told me about the product when we played on Monday Hockey.
After the game I dropped the pads at his house and picked them up on Wednesday.  The product made the pads slide easier.  It was a little harder on the first and second time but after that you slide on the ice easily using less force and the protection to the pads are amazing the pads are over a year old and look new – I have applied the product four times since I have had the pads and know when they need it because you don’t slide as easily on the ice.
I don’t know what I would do without the spray the equipment it doesn’t smell it is not wet.  The odor guard that was sprayed on the new gloves and the leather and textile spray stay dry and don’t smell.  My wife wondered if I was playing hockey at all.  Ha we know that is not true with all the calls and games you get me.