My skates – prior to you spraying my skates with odor guard my skates had to stay in the garage, they had such a smell the skates could not come into the house.  They absolutely reeked.  I tried Fabreeze, baking soda, a multitude of products that say odor eliminator nothing worked and even baking them in the hot sun did not work.  I wear bare feet in the skates which also is an issue with the sweat from the feet.  However you offered to spray my skates with a new product.
You sprayed my skates twice no smell.  They were sprayed last in June 2017 and I play once a week and they still do not smell.  They are now in the basement with the rest of my stuff and are not cold when I get to the rink.
The product is amazing let me know when you have some for me to purchase.