I wanted to write you a testimonial on your product AquaShield for leather products. I bought a leather bracelet from Tiffany’s and was told that I had to take it off my arm everyday before I took a shower or got it wet. This is something I did not want to do so I looked around on the internet and found your product. After buying your product I spayed it on my leather bracelet and let it dry I than applied a second coat and started wearing it 24/7. It has been over 1 year since applying your product to my leather bracelet and I must say it still looks brand new. I have recommended your product to several people who work at Tiffany’s and they where really impressed with what I told them in fact one of them bought your product for a gift they where going to give their husband. The reason that person bought your product was because they used it on the exact same bracelet as I have. I totally believe in your product and thank you very much for allowing me to wear my bracelet everyday without it being a pain in my ass by having to take it off my arm and putting back on everyday.