Hello Ann,
I would be happy to discuss the product you put on the wood and the counter top at the house
Our wood flower planter on our deck had the water bead off and looks like the day we bought it.  The spray you applied kept the water from penetrating the wood and it beads off and sun evaporated the remainder it was never wet and we put it away for the winter and the planter looks brand new.
You also applied product on our granite and again no penetration of stain since the granite is white.  Water just beads on the stone and the granite is beautiful.
Last is my goalie equipment –  You sprayed my pads and chest protector and returned them to me and they don’t smell and the pads stay dry.  I was skeptical at first when you first applied the product but it works and I have not had to send the equipment out for cleaning like I used to twice a year.