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AquaShield Wood Treatment AquaShield Wood Treatment protects untreated wood from water, food, beverage spills and more. AquaShield Wood Treatment for Natural and Stained wood is a ready-to-us transparent spray that will protect wood from water and soil with long lasting hygienic protection for all kinds of untreated wood surfaces

1-Liter: Coverage 250-400 sq ft

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Any natural type of wood

AquaShield Wood Treatment is a highly durable water repellent impregnation formula based on nano-polymer technology. The coating is an easy to use multi-functional water based spray presenting a superior level of super hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for use on any natural treated wood.

AquaShield Wood Treatment when used for outdoor provides purposes provides years of protection from water, algae and mold, even UV bleaching with one simple and easy application. The coating is water based, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

AquaShield Wood Treatment made be applied by pump sprayer but can also be applied through rolling, or for smaller wooden items, by submerging the item in the formula. Coverage rates are ideal in the industry . The Wood Treatment is 100% transparent leaving no discoloration, but it may add a slight change to tone similar to the low gloss of a light wood stain. Always test a small patch of wood prior to overall application,

Suitable for:

•    Parquet floors
•    Sauna areas
•    Ornamental items
•    All non-treated wood except oily woods like teak.
•    Decks
•    Wood Siding
•    Furniture

Additional information

Permanent Protection

Permanent protection; unless the wood is removed the coating is permanent

All Types of Wood

For all untreated non oily wood surfaces particularly Natural wood, MDF, OSB, Plywood Panels, Chipboard, and more


Allows water vapor to exit wood


Effective durability in snow or rain

Temperature Resistent

Up to 450 °C (peak temperature)


The product is completely odorless

Soil Repellent

Will prevent soil from staining wood

Non-corrosive and non-irritating

The product is non corrosive and non irritating to the skin

Easy Application

Simply spray on and let dry


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