Total Defense


Keeping your equipment smelling clean has always been a challenge until now. Total Defense is your solution to allowing your equipment back into your home!



AquaShield’s Total Defense for sports equipment solves the issue associated with sports equipment being a breading ground of microorganisms and bacteria and creating a smell that forces most equipment bags to stay outdoors!. Regular cleaning of equipment using unique cleaning solutions like Ozone is an important step in the fight of removing harmful bacteria from equipment, but its only one step and using Total Defense provides the extra level of protection needed in between cleanings and in fact reduces the number of cleanings needed in a given period.

Total Defense keeps equipment odor free longer and helps keep equipment looking and feeling new for longer.

Apply by simply spraying onto the surface and let dry. No machines, no heaters, and no mixing.


  • 100ML AquaShield Defender
  • 100ML AquaShield OnGuard




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