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AquaShield maintains a worldwide research and development network through partnerships with leading nanotechnology laboratories. Through this network AquaShield is equipped to efficiently and affordably accommodate the most demanding needs of any company whether it be in the superhydrophobic treatment of textiles or protective hard coatings for automotive bodies. Our existing technologies coupled with advanced development capabilities is what makes AquaShield the industry leader in nano-structured coatings and thin films.

The world is looking for a solution, searching for PFOS and PFOA free alternatives to the C8 and C10 durable water repellent technologies of the past.AquaShield’s nano-coatings provide only one option to that goal, which is why in 2015 AquaShield introduced its modifiable core molecular silica coatings and treatments (MC-MS) positioning AquaShield as a total solution for durable water repellents.

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C6 fluoropolymers are the go-to industry standard for manufacturers seeking an alternative to harmful coating technologies of the past. Reliable, flexible, and cost efficient, fluoropolymer technology has quickly overtaken the durable water repellent industry. Through our extensive network of laboratories AquaShield provides the capability to affordably develop C6 durable water repellents specific to the needs of any manufacturer.

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AquaShield focuses on growth through partnership. Our network of distributors and resellers already spans the globe, but we’re always looking for new partners offering new channels and strengths. Partnership with AquaShield offers a lucrative investment in a rapidly growing market with an industry leading product. Our technologies are well placed with any industry segment and may be the investment you’re looking for.

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As a worldwide industry leader AquaShield has a considerable reputation and offers its extensive experience when working with manufacturers from a wide range of industries. While nano-structured water repellent coatings and superhydrophobics may be relatively young technologies, our team of industry veterans understand the needs of your business. We pride ourselves on AquaShield’s ability to meet businesses with the professionalism and efficiency they expect.     

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