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AquaShield has developed Superhydrophobic coatings for all areas of your home, inside and out. AquaShield does not have a “one-size” fits all solution because there is not one coating in that context that is durable. Concrete is a very different substrate compared to Fabric so why would you use the same coating, it makes no sense, and in fact will not have any durability.

AquaShield is your source for quality and durable coatings.

Leather and Textile

The AquaShield superhydrophobic treatment for leather and textiles is a nano-structured durable water repellent (DWR) suitable for all natural leathers, suedes, and most natural or synthetic textiles. A superior waterproofing and stain protection solution for both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for use on items from shoes to upholstery and rugs, the superhydrophobic coating is a PFOA and PFOS free water based formula containing self-assembling nano-polymers which provide long lasting protection from the elements. 

AquaShield Leather & Textile superhydrophobic coating is entirely transparent with no discolouration once dry, and as well does not change the feel or breathability of the leather, suede, or textile it is applied to.


AquaShield Wood Treatment is a highly durable water repellent impregnation formula based on nano-polymer technology. The coating is an easy to use multi-functional water based spray presenting a superior level of super hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for use on any natural treated wood.

Suitable for:

• Parquet floors
• Sauna areas
• Ornamental items
• All non-treated wood except oily woods like teak.
• Decks
• Wood Siding
• Furniture

Concrete and Stone

AquaShield Concrete and Stone coating is a specialized super-hydrophobic spray that penetrates deep into the surface of porous stone and concrete providing a durable, transparent protective nano-layer against mildew and mold. From your garden to your basement this formula keeps stone and cement surfaces looking clean and new with no visible discoloration including the green algae and moss, often found on these surfaces..

The durability with a single application on Concrete and Stone is up to 10 years on flat surfaces and 15 years on vertical surfaces

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Glass Treatment

AquaShield Glass Treatment protects glass from water erosion, and from stubborn staining, from salt spray and mineral deposits all while providing an easy to clean hydrophobic surface. Unlike traditional glass coatings that cover the surface structure of the glass, the AquaShield Glass Treatment follows the contours of the glass surface right down to the Nano-scale level, and prevents dirt and water from adhere to these small structures. Coated glass surfaces will look more attractive and stay functional for significantly longer. Ideal for the shower stall to exterior glass on your home or building.

AquaShield Nanostructured Glass Treatment is warrantied to last 5 years with appropriate application!


Metal Treatment

AquaShield Metal Care is specially formulated to have a long-term effect on stainless steel, silver and other metal surfaces. AquaShield Metal Care combines a surface preparation/cleaner and protective coating into one nanotechnology formulation. The product will repel water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface. (Easy to Clean/self-cleaning effect). An ultra-thin and invisible treatment is applied to the metal surface and the hydrophobic effect makes it difficult for dirt to adhere which results in an easy to clean metal surface.

Up to 2 years of protection with periodical application. During this time all contaminates can be removed simply with water.

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