Protect Concrete and Stone for up to 10 yrs from the environment.

Concrete Stored for 48 Hours in Water.

No visible rising damp. Concrete above the waterline stay completely dry.

AquaShield Concrete and Stone is a concentrated formula which is solvent free, self-assembling, super hydrophobic micro emulsion for natural stone and concrete substrates.

AquaShield Concrete and Stone

AquaShield Concrete and Stone coating is a specialized super-hydrophobic spray that penetrates deep into the surface of porous stone and concrete providing a durable, transparent protective nano-layer against mildew and mold. From your garden to your basement this formula keeps stone and cement surfaces looking clean and new with no visible discoloration including the green algae and moss, often found on these surfaces.

AquaShield Concrete and Stone is a new surface protection product to reduce water absorption, moss and algae growth,efflorescence on mineral substrates. The product has deep penetrating properties, without the use of any hazardous solvents or substances. AquaShield Concrete and Stone Coating is odor free and still matches the performance of any conventional sealer on the market.

AquaShield Concrete and Stone for Tiles repels water simply by not absorbing it which creates a new standard in stone&tiles protection. Water on a surface protected with AquaShield evaporates than penetrates. Therefore surfaces dry up within minutes after exposed to rain, leaving no breading ground for microbial growth and also offers protection against absorption of water soluble pollutants as well as handling freeze / thaw cycles.



  • Unique bonding technology
  • Durability: Concrete and Stone up to 10 years on flat surfaces and 15 years on vertical surfaces
  • Durability: Polished Stones and Minerals up to 10 years
  • Water based, environmentally friendly
  • High penetration into porous substrates
  • Invisible
  • Easy Application
  • VOC and Odor Free
  • Economical with high coverage rates
  • Easy to dilute and use
  • Most Cost Effective product in the market
  • 1 liter of Concrete and Stones covers up to 450 Sq ft.

Concrete and Stone


  • 1 LITER / 32 OZ

Polished Stones and Mineral


  • 1 LITER / 32 OZ