9 Reasons Why Having the Best Car Wax Is Not Enough

What Best Car Wax Experts Don’t Want You to Know

There are many car owners who rely on the protection that a plain car wax can offer. They are satisfied with the protection that their car can get from thorough waxing after they have brought their car in an auto service center. But in most of the cases, there are car owners who are not satisfied with the plain waxing procedure and still look for the best car wax in the market and make sure that the entire surface of their car is covered with it and protect it from any possible scratches.

Many car owners, feel that a simple scratch may affect the entire value of their car. Or sometimes, they are concerned of how they can remove or cover the scratches without anyone noticing. With these things in mind, many car owners are reading through the best car wax reviews and find out the latest option that is offered in the market. They use reviews as their basis on what is the best option available and what they can benefit from it.

The 9 Best Car Wax Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


With many car wax products offered, why do many car owners think that the best wax for car is not enough? The following are serious reasons:

  • Application process takes time.

As a part of car detailing, the application process seems to be a bit tricky and time consuming. After applying the wax, you must buff it and make sure that there will be no traces left in the surface of the car.

  • Durability does not last for a long period.

Even the best car polish available does not last on the car’s surface for a long period. One proof that a car wax is the best, is if it can be long lasting and provides durability to the car’s surface. But most of the car wax products offered nowadays are not able to provide this feature, which makes these products unreliable for complete protection for the car’s surface.

  • High gloss is not easily achieved.

Any car owner would want their car to always shine. But with car waxes, you must buff the wax completely to get a good shine. The fact that too much time can be consumed with just buffing, any car owner would say that it is not always about the quality of the wax after all.

  • May not cover scratches completely.

There are best car cleaning products that include car waxes that say they cover scratches. It may be effective on obvious scratches but with small scratches that you may not easily notice, the car wax may miss these spots and ruin the look of your car.

  • Is not completely resistant to water.

Water resistance is always an important factor with car waxes. As a car wax provides this feature, water marks can be prevented and never affect the look of the car.

  • Cleaning tends to be difficult.

After the wax is applied and the car is used for a few days, there are cases when dirt gets stuck and makes the cleaning really difficult. Now, this is really a big disadvantage for car owners who do not have enough time for cleaning.

  • Wax may leave residues.

Wax obviously leaves residues especially when buffing is not done properly. Car owners should know that waxing requires a lot of effort for buffing as wax may leave unwanted residues on the surface of the car.

  • Does not avoid dust buildup.

Even if you have already learned the most effective car waxing tips, the fact still remains that wax does not avoid any dust buildup.

  • Tend to get costly at times.





Any car owner knows that when a product is said to have

better features, prices tends to be higher. And finding the best car wax for black cars for example is somehow more costly than others.

So, what is the best car wax or alternative option that you can get to keep your car’s surface clean and glossy for a long time? Well, it is Dryve Car Body Coating from Aquashield. This product contradicts all the negative sides of a car wax, which makes it the best option for car owners.