Auto Leather and Textiles

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AquaShield’s Leather and Textile

AquaShield’s Leather and Textile for car protection stops liquids from soaking into fabric and leather and will keep your interior like new for years to come. When spill occurs, as they occasionally do, cleaning it up is quick and easy and avoids permanent stains. As with all AquaShield products, AquaShield’s Leather and Textile car protection will not change the colour or texture of the fabric and is orderless.

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Leather & Textile

AquaShield Leather & Textile superhydrophobic coating is entirely transparent with no discolouration once dry, and as well does not change the feel or breathability of the leather, suede, or textile it is applied to. Additional benefits include UV protection, resistance to mold and algae, and will greatly rejuvenate old dry leather. As a water based, solvent free waterproofing solution AquaShield is non-toxic and presents no danger to the environment. It is an example of nanotechnology that replaces harmful carbon based technologies of the past with modern cleaning solutions.

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