AquaShield Vehicle Detailing Products

AquaShield Rim and Tire Care


tire_black-high-glossAquaShield’s Tire Shine is water-based with zero VOCs. It is a  multi-surface detailing product which is easy and quick to use; clean, polish and detail exterior and interior surfaces, leaves and outstanding non-greasy finish.It is perfect for dressing and revitalizing tires, rubber, vinyl, leather, plastic (external & internal trim) etc. Detailed surfaces are protected and sealed, repels the build-up of traffic film, dust and moisture.Variable gloss shine to suit all tastes; spray onto surface and leave to air dry for high shine, to reduce gloss shine wipe surface over.

Directions for use: 
Shake well before use.
1. Tires – simply mist spray AquaShield Tire Shine evenly onto the tyre wall in a sweeping motion, leave to air dry.
2. Plastic / Leather – simply mist spray onto surface or on to folded microfibre cloth, wipe and leave to dry.
3. Wipe area using a second clean, dry microfibre cloth to remove any product residues from the surface.
Do not spray directly onto a heavily soiled tire wall, pre-clean first using Universal.
Avoid contact with driving controls, foot pedals, steering wheel and floor coverings.