AquaShield: The Hidden Mystery Behind Waterproof Spray

If you do some research, you’ll most likely discover there are many waterproof products in the marketplace, but what is the finest waterproof spray on earth? Which one of them really works? And, which one of them may be utilized on many different surfaces?

Presenting the Finest Waterproof Spray:

The scientists who invented and perfected this formulation did extensive testing on products that are similar prior to, during, and following the creation of AquaShield Textile & Leather. To put it simply, this advanced andwaterproof spray for textile & leather new liquid and stain protection formulation does not compare to any other similar product available in the marketplace. It’s, actually , the finest waterproof spray on earth. This article describes how and the reason why it’s different than every other product in its category.

There are a number of variables that lead to this, which are described below:

Most waterproofing products were created to supply protection for just one particular kind of material. This may lead you to challenge the validity and effectiveness of those. Seriously, should not you be asking yourself some questions that are important here? As an example, why really would a waterproof spray work in the seats in your vehicle, but not on your shoes? Something seems fishy there. A waterproofing spray actually works, plus if you’d like it, should not it work on any content? Why should you’ve got to purchase a waterproof spray that is separate for every distinct kind of material?

It could be utilized on all the aforementioned materials, plus it certainly does function. Actually, it functions. See it in action.

At AquaShield, we’ve developed a waterproofing spray of superhydrophobic coating for both consumers & industrial usage repelling heavy oils and water. Any item coated with our AquaShield coating will become hydrophobic and Oleophobic.

What on earth is Superhydrophobic?

Wikipedia explains very well the Greek term: Superhydrophobic. Superhydrophobic coatings could be produced from various substances. AquaShield is used on surfaces creating a super-hydrophobic coatings and utilized by consumers and business a like. The coating causes a thin layer of protection to adhere to a surface. Super-hydrophobic coatings are also seen in nature: they appear on plant leaves, including the Lotus leaf, and some insect wings making them repel water.

Superhydropwaterproof spray for the marine industryhobic coatings have significant uses in the marine sector and more generally in the maritime industry. Skin friction drag reduction can be yielded by applying a coating to a boats’ hulls, and in doing so will increase fuel efficiency. Such a coating should enable their rate and range to boost while reducing fuel consumption. They are also able to reduce corrosion and prevent marine organisms from growing on the hull of a boat.

Along with these industrial applications, coatings that are superhydrophobic have uses in vehicle windshields in order to repel rain and reduce ice build up.

The coatings also make the removal of salt deposits possible easy and without the use of much fresh water. Also, superhydrophobic coatings are able to pick other minerals from seawater brine easily.

Superhydrophobic coatings rely for their repellency on a fragile micro or nano arrangement – this construction is can easily be damaged by abrasion or cleaning and so may be used on things like electronic components that aren’t prone to such wear.superhydrophobic coating

Because of the extreme water repellency and proven bacterial resistance of these hydrophobic coatings, there’s much excitement for their broad uses in areas such as surgical tools, fabrics, medical equipment and a wide range of substrates and surfaces. This technology is based on a lily pad that makes fluids simply roll off because of the arrangement of it’s molecules.

Better than the best car wax on the planet?

Aquashield car body coatingDRYve is a first of its type really self-cleaning formula for automotive bodies. While many existing formulas concentrate on hydrophobicity, repelling just wet soil, Dryve includes both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties.

DRYve is AquaShield’s nano-cleanser product line developed to be used on automobile bodies and any non-porous surface. Treatment with the DRYve nano formulas supply cleaner surfaces than standard cleansing agents, along with innovative scrape protection, UV protection and other properties that are related to hydrophobic coatings.

Most notable of the results, is the fact that the automobile is going to be self-cleaning following that, but the formula additionally supplies rust protection, scratch resistance, UV protection, and leaves the finish appearing incredibly glossy (more than any wax). The shine effect may be observed in this video initially sent to us by a customer.

The key advantages of our approach in this case: scrape resistance

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What’s eventually water repellent?

water repellent spray for leather Most factory-employed  water repellent treatments are widely used along with waterproof breathable materials like Gore Tex to help materials from becoming saturated with water. This saturation, called ‘wetting outside,’ can decrease the garment’s breathability (moisture transport during the membrane that is breathable) and let water through.

Specific kinds of materials should be retreated to preserve water-repellency. DWR loss generally hastens. DWRs does not change. Affected garments may be medicated with a ‘spray-on’ or ‘soak-in’ treatment to boost water-repellency.

Picture using nanotechnology to protect your clothes, shoes, and keep your house clean! AquaShield is nanotech for the every day consumer. It repels any liquid like nothing you have seen before because of the superb arrangement that is hydrophobic, but more to the point it’s 100% safe and non toxic.

AquaShield, the manufacturers of AquaShield Leather and Suede & AquaShield textile, make an effort to produce organic compounds that are friendly to the environment and improve and protect your possessions.

Looking for a waterproof spray in Walmart? Look no further. Shop AquaShield’s waterproof superhydrophobic product line and spray nano-coatings, including water repellent products for leathers, textiles, wood, stone, kitchen counters and much more, as likely shortly you’ll locate them additionally in Walmart. We working on that too!

Can AquaShield’s waterproof spray, waterproof electronic equipment, and virtually any type of electric home gear? Watch below this next video. You will be impressed.

How powerful is our AquaShield Liquid Shield formula? Powerful enough to run a razor across your cellphone display without scraping at it. Astonishing!

While we don’t advise you to try running a blade across your cell phone as we did for demonstration purposes, we do feel that you should try our products for yourself. We’re assured you will eventually become a raving fan of our product. We even motivate you to send in your videos to us along with your own personal overview of the merchandise and to videotape yourself using it. We give away free product samples and other unique offers to the very best videos! So use our waterproof spray line…it’s the best!

AquaShield’s Nano Coating

nano coatingAmazing things can occur when nanopolymer coatings are sprayed upon a surface. The most typical result of nanocoatings is leaving substances fully water repellant, or superhydrophobic. Find out more on the subject of Nano Polymer Technology and it is practical uses.


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AquaShield products are eco friendly and biodegradable formulas. After 24 hours the product becomes totally benign. Take the following step in development for protecting your possessions now!