Providing a Green Approach for those looking to rent from AIR BNB.

Providing a Green Approach for those looking to rent from HomeAway

Providing a Green Approach for those looking to rent from VRBO

AquaShield Apartment Rental Cleaning Solutions

AquaShield Apartment Rental Cleaning Solutions uses a unique and proprietary disinfectant solution for laundry, floors and all areas that requires the destruction of bacteria and bed bugs in a eco-friendly and cost effective manner.

Laundry, Floors, Beds and Restrooms

AquaShield has developed Home Guard Plus specifically in a holistic, cost effective and easy to use approach to providing cleanliness Peace of Mind for the person looking to rent their home/room or the person looking for accommodations. Having the AquaShield Cleanliness Seal of Approval will provide you and your guests with Cleanliness Peace of Mind.

AquaShield utilizes EPA registered products for disinfection, long term control or odor causing bacteria as well as bed bug control.

All AquaShield products are non-toxic, contain no known carcinogens and leave no residual.


AquaShield anti-microbial and disinfectant products can be used in broad range of applications including textiles, carpets, paint, coatings, cosmetics and toiletries.


  • Mi-Shield performs without disfusion or leaching off the applied substrate.
  • Bound technology – unlike conventional disinfectants, poisons, phenols or heavy metals, our technology performs while bound to the applied surface (substrate).
  • Residual Efficacy – Unlike other anti-microbials, our product’s efficacy remains for a long period of time. Our products specifies reapplication every 90 days and has been independently tested for 100 standard washes.
  • Porous and Non porous SurfacesIt is against the law to apply many anti-microbials to porous materials. Our technology allows for both porous and nonporous materials.
  • Effective against a wide array of odor causing bacteria, fungi and mold. 
  • No Super Bugs – There is no known or anticipated risk for microbes to mutate to a Super Bug. This is due to the bound technology of Mi-Shield. Other technologies work by “uploading” into the microorganism resulting sometimes in a mutation of the original microorganism.
  • Shelf Life –  2 year shelf life. Once opened, use in 1 year.
  • Ease of Use – The two products can be applied in or on most substrates.
  • Safety – Mi-Shield is a completely water-based formulation. It is easily used by field personnel using a basic backpack sprayer.Mi-Shield has a long safety record with many manufacturers. Neither product uses heavy metals, arsenic, tin, phenols or poisons.
  • Green – The products breaks down to carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide and silicon dioxide.
  • High Coverage Rate– 4000 sq ft per Gallon using the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Environmentally friendly due to non-leaching, non-depleting bound technology.


  • EPA Registered
  • Odorless and colorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Water based
  • Long term prevention of a wide range of microbial growth
  • Protects a wide range of surfaces both porous and non-porous
  • Can be wiped, sprayed or misted on virtually any surface and dries rapidly
  • Non-leaching
  • No off-gasing
  • High Coverage Rates

For Commercial purposes, introducing the fastest, most versatile, and easiest to use cordless electrostatic system


  • Electrostatic Technology Allows You To Spray Less Chemical, Cover More Surfaces In a Fraction Of The Time.
  • 16.8 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Allows 4 Hours of Continuous Run Time.
  • Lightweight and Portable – 3.8lbs.
  • 3 in 1 Adjustable Nozzle For Different Particle Sizes.
  • Quiet — Suitable For Use In Any Environment.
  • Removable Tank Holds 33.8oz. Of Liquid.
  • Deluxe Carrying Case
  • Great for Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Odor Control, Insect Control, Pesticides, Coatings and More!







The University of California, Davis completed a series of tests to investigate what happens to spray liquid after it leaves the nozzle.

Conclusion: ESS technology places over 3 times the amount of spray onto the plant surface using ½ the amount of chemicals. Furthermore, they also reported that ESS sprayers send 2/3 less chemicals to the ground and into the air. Less chemicals used overall, less waste and less drift than conventional equipment.