Teaming technologies for top results

AquaShield Technologies has brought together several companies and their best technologies to provide high-end hygiene solutions for indoor spaces. Among our products are outstanding disinfectants and surface protectants.

We also boast a peerless air filter to bring your air to HEPA or near-HEPA quality. We will find the best combinations to suit your space. Different environments demand different approaches, and we will help you determine the best course to take to meet your specific needs.

We’ll assess, test your space to find best the best fit. Our experienced personnel will do a detailed analysis and test key areas of your facility. We will take what we learn and together, with your designated management team, put together the most complete, cost-effective strategy to combat the germs and airborne pathogens present in your indoor space.

You can use our team,or we can train yours: Our experienced personnel will expertly apply the technologies to bring your indoor space up to the highest-level of hygiene. If it suits you better, you can use your cleaning and janitorial personnel. We offer an exceptional training program that will equip your chosen team with the necessary tools and understanding to get the system up and working at peak efficiency.

Testing and support
Our technologies are shown to be safe and effective through extensive testing by independent, third-party laboratories all over the world. Whether we do the work, or if we have trained your team to perform the tasks, we will arrange for followup testing to be done to ensure you are getting the best results possible.

Combining all the technologies for a total solutions package is always your best bet. However, used individually, all of our products are significant value-adds. What you choose to use simply depends on your needs and budget.In the end, we’ll add value at the lowest possible price.