Superhydrophobic coatings designed to be strong enough for commercial purposes yet easy to apply for everyday use around your home and vehicle.


AquaShield Wood Treatment provides permanent  protection all types of wood.


AquaShield’s Car Care products provide superior protection for all body parts including tires and rims.


AquaShield Fabric and Textile will protect your most precious items from mold and staining. AquaShield Fabric and Textile was specifically developed for your outdoor furniture, awnings, convertible tops, umbrellas shoes and more, to keep them looking new and lasting longer.


AquaShield Concrete and Stone helps protect all types of concrete and stone structures with the most cost effective coating that will last 10 yrs on flat surfaces and 15 yrs on vertical surfaces.


AquaShield OnGuard is easily applied to most substrates to protect them from microbial growth. EPA registered, tested, long acting, non-leaching “bound” technology.


AquaShield Protects Leather Tiffany Bracelet

I wanted to write you a testimonial on your product AquaShield for leather products. I bought a leather bracelet from Tiffany’s and was told that I had to take it off my arm everyday before I took a shower or got it wet. This is something I did not want to do so I looked around on the internet and found your product. After buying your product I spayed it on my leather bracelet and let it dry I than applied a second coat and started wearing it 24/7. It has been over 1 year since applying your product to my leather bracelet and I must say it still looks brand new. I have recommended your product to several people who work at Tiffany’s and they where really impressed with what I told them in fact one of them bought your product for a gift they where going to give their husband. The reason that person bought your product was because they used it on the exact same bracelet as I have. I totally believe in your product and thank you very much for allowing me to wear my bracelet everyday without it being a pain in my ass by having to take it off my arm and putting back on everyday.

Jay Fisher

AquaShield, the perfect choice

Pakems is a startup company out of Colorado manufacturing a lightweight packable boot.  We sell this boot as water-resistant as it is important to our customers that they can wear Pakems in the snow.  We negotiated with the factory that all of our boots would have a DWR coating on them and paid for this to be done.  Unfortunately the shipment showed up without the coating and without recourse against the factory.  I searched the Internet for DWR coating solutions and found AquaShield.  I tried several solutions, and AquaShield was by far the best.  And in doing a cost analysis, AquaShield was the perfect choice.  The other great thing about AquaShield is that it doesn’t have an odor which is a benefit considering we have been DWR coating the boots ourselves.  And lastly, the customer service I have received has been phenomenal!
Julie Adams
Founder/Cruise Director

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Julie Adams

Founder/Cruise Director

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