An invisible advanced water-based hydrophobic,Nano-coating for non ferrous metals

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The latest 2in1 Nano-formula created for the removal of stubborn brown discoloration/tea stains from stainless steel, silver/brass patina or other contaminations from uncoated metal surfaces. The advanced micro abrasive blend makes it easy to remove all stains and the hydrophobic active substance provides long lasting, durable, ultra-thin protection. Older surfaces can be brought back to the original condition very easy. The surface will remain shiny even in harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution/dust levels. To maintain use only soft clothes and water.

AquaShield Metal Care is specially formulated to have a long-term effect on stainless steel, silver and other metal surfaces.AquaShield Metal Care combines a surface preparation/cleaner and protective coating into one nanotechnology formulation. The product will repel water and prevents adherence of foreign matter on the surface. (Easy to Clean/self-cleaning effect). An ultra-thin and invisible treatment is applied to the metal surface and the hydrophobic effect makes it difficult for dirt to adhere which results in an easy to clean metal surface.

The abrasive component cleans and removes all dirt and contaminates during the application and the protective components adhere directly to the metals surface molecules. AquaShield Metal Care protection provides a much longer lasting effect than other conventional product solutions by entering into the microscopical irregular surface structure of the metal.

AquaShield Metal Care is a product for the removal of stubborn tea stains, oxidation and contamination from uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel. Stainless steel and other metals will stay shiny and protected even in the harshest marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels. Older and contaminated surfaces can be brought back to the original conditions. Water runs off easily from the treated surface.

Up to 2 years of protection with periodical application. During this time all contaminates can be removed simply with water.

Touch dry feel and no oily smear !


Additional information

Easy Application

Easy application, simply wipe on, let dry and wipe off. Invisible Nano-scale protective layer
No oily appearance

Cost Effective

Cost effective , fast to apply, save time and money


Water and dirt repellent

Simple Application

Cleans and protects in one simple application

Water Based

Solvent free, water based

Gloss and UV Resistent

High gloss, UV resistent


Lasts up to 2 years


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