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The Liquid Crystal Coating is not ceramic but an actual layer of glass. FOR PROFESSIONAL DETAILERS ONLY


The Liquid Crystal Coating is not ceramic but an actual layer of glass. FOR PROFESSIONAL DETAILERS ONLY

AQUASHIELD Car Body Treatment

AquaShield’s Liquid Crystal car body coating  has auto body detailers raving about the unparallelled durability, shine and quality that only a Liquid Crystal coating can provide. More importantly our formulation comes at an affordable price.

All Car Body Types

AquaShield Liquid Crystal Glass body coating is the first of its kind formula for automotive bodies. While many existing formulas focus on hydrophobicity, repelling only wet dirt, Liquid Crystal Glass contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Combining these two properties in one formula creates a volatile reaction within water molecules, which in turn scrubs the surface of the car clean of all dirt dry or otherwise, just add water.

Liquid Crystal  Glass coating is AquaShield’s nano-cleaner product line developed for use on auto bodies.Treatment with this nano formulas provides cleaner surfaces lasting for 3 years or longer, as well as advanced scratch protection, and hydrophobic abilities.

Most notable of the results is that the car will almost be self-cleaning after that,but the formula also provides rust, protection,scratch resistance,UV protection, and leaves the finish looking extremely shiny more than any wax.

How does it work?

Because the AquaShield formula contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties it’s application to an auto body will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect as well as the formula was developed to deal not only with rain, snow and salt but also with dirt roads, dust, pollen and other dry air born matter that cannot be cleaned by a hydrophobic alone. In many parts of the country there is very little rain, and dust accumulation is a real problem. AquaShield can deal with this better than any other product on the market today.

The way the formula works is that should dust or other debris become attached to the car and then a supply of water (rain or hose) is applied to the car surface the AquaShield formula will attract the water (hydrophilic) and will attach the dust or other debris to the mixture and then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the car.

The formula is entirely non-toxic and safe to use.


    • Anti-dust & Anti-static, easy cleaning.
    • Anti icing & snow.
    • Anti bacterial & Anti mildew.
    • Anti-UV function.
    • World leading hydrophobic effect.
    • 100% Colorless & Transparent nano coating.
    • High firmness & anti-aging effect.
    • Anti-aging & Long service time , coating can last more than 3 years.
    • Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance.
    • High hardness and high gloss.
    • Large coverage area, 50 Ml per average vehicle
    • Widely application area: plastic, glass, painted surface, ceramic…etc.
    • Non-toxic, harmless green environmental friendly product.
    • Apply at normal temperature and pressure.No Heating Required.




  • 50 ML Pro Series
  • 100 ML Consumer Series


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